Who We Are

  • DSC is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high quality cricket equipment with a network of nearly one thousand dealers across the world
  • DSC is one of the most trusted name in sporting goods in India, with a history going back to the 1970s
  • DSC is the maker of bats and cricket gear for leading cricketing brands since the 1980s

factory 1


  • We are a family owned enterprise which started in the 1970s as a maker of cricket equipment and other sports equipment
  • We were committed to one thing only – make the best product we could with the resources we had and to always keep our promise
  • Soon we were asked by global cricketing brands to be their OEM for cricket equipment
  • Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of cricket equipment in India



  • To be the first and final destination for cricketing gear for top players around the world
  • To be the most trusted name in cricketing goods globally